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Weekly Security Update

Safeparks/Parksec Crime Update: 19-27 November 2017

The following includes crimes reported to us over the period *DISCLAIMER: Whilst every effort is made to report on all crimes and their accurancy for the given time period, we advise that not all crimes are reported timeously or correctly. Should you be aware of any...

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Safeparks/Parksec Crime Update: 23 October – 30 October 2017

Thank you to all the resident who contribute to Safeparks, we have installed a camera on the corner of 4th avenue and 6th street which is monitored by CORTAC and picks up any suspicious activity entering into Parkhurst. It is our intention to install a few cameras at...

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Crime Update: 27 June – 5 July 2017

Parkhurst , Parktown North and Parkwood residents and business owners Informal CARGUARDS on 4th Avenue We are well aware of the challenges and issues of the informal carguards on 4th Avenue since we have received various complaints from residents, we are investigating...

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Crime Update: 14 June-27 June 2017

Parkhurst , Parktown North and Parkwood residents and business owners New Board Signs If you signed up from July 2016 to date and you have not receive your SAFEPARKS/PARKSEC security sign and would like us to put one up for you, please email: lynn@parksec.co.za with...

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3 days ago
Keeping YOU safe. Additional security measures implemented!
2 weeks ago
Safeparks/Parksec Crime Update: 28 Nov - 4 Dec 2017


Parkview CPF

Parkview SAP

Flying Squad:        10111

Switchboard:         011-486-5000

Duty Officer:          079-899-4304

Col. Gopane:         071-111-8710

Please call the Station Commander, Col Gopane with only important issues.

Sector Vehicle:      071-675-6060/1
Sector Managers:

  • Constable Makhudu – 071-675-6064
  • Sgt Nzama –  071-675-6067

The Parkview Police station serves a large geographical area that includes:

  • Craighall Park

  • Dunkeld West
    (to the west of Jan Smuts Ave)

  • Emmarentia

  • Greenside

  • Parkhurst

  • Parktown North

  • Parktown West

  • Parkview

  • Roosevelt Park Ext.

  • Westcliff

SAPS PARKVIEW divides its policing precinct into Sectors.

What is Sector Policing?
Sector Policing means that a police precinct is divided into smaller, manageable areas (sectors) under the command of an appointed police officer known as the Sector Manager who, in turn, reports to the Sector Commander. Each community and its Sector Manager are active partners in ensuring local safety and security. (With thanks to the Parkview CPF)

Parktown North falls into SECTOR ONE, along with Craighall Park, Dunkeld West and Parkhurst.

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Credit: Andrew Cleland Photography